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Saturday, May 31st from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm at Idle Hour Park in Phenix City. We need YOU to help make this successful for all of us. Please contact Aubrey by email aubreydean00@gmail.com or by phone: 706-464-1223 to let her know what you will be able to bring. We need all food items from burgers and hot dogs to side items like salads and desserts – and don’t forget drinks! We look forward to seeing EVERYBODY – including YOU – at the picnic! Please contact Aubrey ASAP with your contribution.


NAMI Columbus (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is pleased to announce our first, newest, and coolest venture on Friday – April 11, 2014 @7:00PM at the River Center for the Performing Arts, in the Studio Theater. Poetry S.L.A.M.S. (Students Living Amidst Mental Stigmas)! We will be challenging students and consumers (People living with mental illness) from the area to compose poetry based on their perceived, learned, or real life experience regarding mental illness, stigma, and anything that relates to the subject. You can even use the links provided below to read about mental disorders and other subjects. Some submissions will be read at the event. There will be a live band and prizes!

So we need your poems submitted ASAP, and here are the rules:

  • NO anonymous submissions! We are here to dispose of the fear of coming forward and being counted.
  • Name and Brief BIO required: Include your name, age, what you do; Example:
  • Student – Name school attending
  • Employed – State where you work (If permissible), or what you do.
  • Consumer – We are encouraging people to come forward and be counted. That’s how we destroy the stigma. So please tell us if you are, and even your diagnosis if you like.
  • Something interesting about you: Keep it brief, please.

Your poetry submission must be completely ready to be read and printed (we will not edit or correct any submissions) and emailed to info4@namicolsinc.org no later than April 5th, 2014 and it must be less than 2 minutes in length. All submissions become the property of NAMI Columbus.

Tickets are available for this event at the River Center Box Office and are $10.00. All proceeds will pay for this event or go to the general fund of NAMI Columbus to continue our mission of support, education, and advocacy. Dress for the show is casual.

Open Support Groups

Family/Friend and NAMI Connection Recovery Support Groups

Both meet at New Horizons CSB, 4411 Rosemont Drive

Every Monday night, 6-7:30 pm

NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group

Meets at The Bradley Center’s Multipurpose Room

Every Saturday 1-2:30 pm

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